The Walking Dead Headed To Richmond’s Walled Community


The most recent teaser video for The Walking Dead’s return from its season 5 midseason break showed quite a bit of the plot for the upcoming episode.  In fact, it gave the group a destination that confirmed the impressions that many fans of the comic books thought would be be coming.

During the teaser video, we get to see some action scenes and some frightening moments.  But perhaps the most interesting of all the trailer was the conversation that newcomer to the group Noah was having with Rick Grimes.  Here is the video from the official AMC YouTube account:

In case you couldn’t make out what they were saying, here is what was said in the video:

"“She was going to come with me,” Noah said to Rick.“How far?” Grimes asks.“Outside of Richmond, Virginia, ” Noah replies."

When Noah is talking about “she” in the conversation, we can assume that he’s talking about Beth.  Noah and Beth were planning on escaping from Grady Memorial Hospital together.  During the execution of that plan, Beth was captured and returned to the facility while Noah met up with Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier.

It sounds like Noah still wants to head in that direction.

"“It was secure. It had a wall. Homes. Twenty people,” Grimes says. “It’s a long trip, but if it works out, it’s the last long trip we have to make.”"

This sounds like the gated community that is visited in The Walking Dead’s comic book series titled Wiltshire Estates.  While this storyline happens MUCH earlier in the comics, it’s nice to see that the hit AMC show is going back and revisiting some of the things they missed or were unable to include in the past.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday night on AMC.  Check your local listings for availability.

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