The Walking Dead’s 6th Season Being Prepared And Organized


The Walking Dead has become the most popular show on television and has turned into a worldwide phenomenon.  Because of this, it isn’t hard to believe that the show has been renewed for a 6th season on AMC.  However, we got a little more information about the show’s season 6 status in a recent event called TimesTalks.

The New York Times held an event and invited several of The Walking Dead’s cast and crew to take part.  During the questioning, showrunner Scott M. Gimple let us know that the team that is tasked with working on season six has started organizing and preparing.

Here is what Scott M. Gimple told TimesTalks during the event”

"“It’s just funny because I’m preparing and organizing Season 6, ’cause we finish a whole season — we break it up in the way we show it, but we finish it all it once. So I’m trying to remember how the hell we did it last year,” Gimple said."

There’s no doubt that Scott M. Gimple and the rest of the folks over at The Walking Dead will get it all figured out and put out another great season of the hit AMC television show.  But there is some comfort in knowing that preparations for season 6 are already underway and more episodes of The Walking Dead will be made to help fans curb their hunger for new material.

To view the entire TimesTalks conversation with Scott Gimple, Andrew Lincoln, and Steven Yeun, check out the entire video on their website or watch it in the embedded video below:

Huge thanks go out to The New York Times, TimesTalks, and the cast and crew of The Walking Dead for this fun and informative video.  Hopefully, there will be more TimesTalks based on The Walking Dead in the near future.

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