Walking Dead Midseason Premiere: Who Died?


The Walking Dead’s season 5 midseason premiere was tonight.  There has been a lot of anticipation building up to this episode since fans have been waiting months for new walker slaying action.

Tonight’s episode was titled “What Happened and What’s Going On?” and followed the group of survivors as they traveled to the walled community that Noah was telling Beth about.  While there was plenty of strange and interesting things that happened along the way, the one thing that fans love is action!

Sometimes, that action doesn’t always have a happy ending.  Many of the favorite characters on The Walking Dead have met their doom at the hands of groups of walkers or rival groups of humans.  So, of course, it’s logical to be curious which of the major characters passed away during The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere for season 5.

Here are the characters that we lost during tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead:

  •  Tyreese was bitten by a walker and suffered some major hallucinations while exploring Wiltshire Estates before his arm was chopped off in an attempt to keep him alive.  Sadly, that procedure didn’t work this time and he passed away.  He was one of my favorite characters on the show because of how he attempted to stay true to being a human in a world that attempted to turn everyone into a wild animal.  Tyreese is survived by his sister Sasha, who will be in a terrible mental state following her brother’s death.
  • Numerous Walkers were killed through various means.  Whether it was an automobile or a weapon, quite a few of the Undead were slain during this episode.

Luckily for fans of The Walking Dead, the deaths in “What Happened And What’s Going On?” weren’t as numerous as they could have been.  The group was stuck in a bad situation there for a while, but managed to get things under control before things got much worse.

Still, let’s remember those that we’ve lost during this week’s episode of The Walking Dead in a positive light and be glad that (hopefully) your favorite character didn’t pass away.  I know that I’ll miss Tyreese.  He was one of my favorites on the show.

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