The Walking Dead: Emily Kinney, Chad Coleman pose in most depressing photo ever


The Walking Dead is dropping main characters like Kim Kardashian drops ass selfies, and the end result is so much depression for fans of the show. 

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead has both confused and depressed a lot of fans who are trying to sort out their emotions.

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If you didn’t see last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, stop here as spoilers lie ahead.

Assuming you’ve seen the episode — or  you’re not stupid and have figured it out by now — then prepare for the most depressing thing you’ll see all day.

Both Emily Kinney and Chad Coleman posed for a picture that without context is just two actors haning out but with context is the single most depressing photo you will look at on Monday at work.

Both characters were loved in their time and both are now gone forever. It’s going to be strange not seeing either of them around, but then again it wasn’t like they were killing it with screen time.

Then again, both Tyreese and Beth saw an uptick in screen time right before they were killed off, which means we need to stop giving screen time to our favorite characters as we all know what that means now.

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