The Walking Dead: Mutilated Bodies In The Trucks Near Wiltshire


The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere was amazing.  For how much it seemed to focus on passing of a main character, they hinted at several things that should become important factors on the show.  They’re short on supplies, looking for a place to call home, and getting very exhausted from their travels and recent events.

While Wiltshire didn’t end up being the sanctuary they were hoping for, there was plenty going on around the area to keep fans interested and wondering what will happen next.  We’ve talked about the wolves, but what about the walkers that were mutilated near the opening in the Wiltshire wall and loaded in the back of the truck?

The bodies were mutilated BIG TIME.  The limbs were chopped off of each of the bodies, which were cut off at the waist and every member of the undead was placed into the back of a truck.  When the torsos came spilling out the back after being rammed by Rick’s vehicle, we could see that each one had a “W” carved into their foreheads.

What does that “W” mean?  Does it stand for “wolves”?  Maybe it’s for “wiltshire”?  Or maybe it’s even for the rumored group “The Whiperers” who have a very interesting way of disguising themselves.  Then again, it could always be a completely new group of baddies (or maybe anti-heroes) to deal with.

And why would someone do this to so many people around Wiltshire?  What would cause a person or group of people to do this to so many people?  And what is the point in mutilating their bodies so much?

The corpses bring up far too many questions that viewers just don’t have the answers to at this point.  Between that, the wolves, and the strange gifts “FROM A FRIEND” next week’s episode of The Walking Dead has already become must-see television.

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