The Walking Dead character re-imagined as cartoon characters


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, so it’s not a surprise that it has inspired some crazy fan art. 

After it’s midseason premiere, The Walking Dead has once again cemented its place near the top of the television rating game and it has reminded us what a phenomenon it is.

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Not only does The Walking Dead have a large fan following but it also has inspired some great fan creations that display how awesome those who like the show really are.

Take this latest case of fan art as an example. Someone has taken the characters from The Walking Dead and replaced their live action counterparts with cartoon ones. It seems weird that this would be original, since The Walking Dead is based off a comic book where the characters already have illustrated incarnations of themselves but these are just too cool to not see.

It’s not quite a Pixar recreation and it’s not Disney — rather it’s uniquely it’s own thing. That’s what is so cool about The Walking Dead as not only does it churn out great episodes week to week but it also inspires fans to go out and do their own thing to honor the show in their own creative way.

Check out the ret of the cool Walking Dead cartoon character art here.

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