Has The Walking Dead ‘Jumped the Shark’?


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, but has it jumped the shark with it’s christ for the blood of it’s own characters?

When a series is on too long, it tends to have a moment known as the ‘jump the shark’ moment. Just about every show that has stayed on too long or run out of ideas has jumped the shark, which was a phrase popularized when the series Happy Day literally had a character  jump the shark.

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Has The Walking Dead reached that point in it’s series? That’s a question that some are asking after dealing with yet another major character death on the midseason premiere of the series.

As opined by Cleveland.com’s Troy L. Smith, the quick rate that the characters we’ve come to know and love are being  killed off could be a sign that the show has jumped the shark — and also murdered it.

"Is the show killing people off just for the sake of killing them off, or are we headed to an entirely new chapter of “The Walking Dead” that will take us to new depths of the zombie apocalypse?"

It’s hard to say that The Walking Dead can jump the shark by killing off it’s own characters. Producers have said that the show could last as long as 25 seasons, and that would entail seeing the current cast all killed off at some point. You can’t carry out this storyline for 25 seasons without things getting stale — so death is a natural part of the show.

There could come a time where the deaths are just ridiculous, but look at Game of Thrones as an example of a series that can use major character deaths not as a gimmick but as a means of driving the story forward and keeping fans on their toes.

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