The Walking Dead: How Much Time Passed Between Atlanta And Richmond?


The Walking Dead changed up the scenery from the season 5 midseason finale to the midseason premiere.  The group went from Atlanta, Georgia and seemed to jump right to Richmond, Virginia.  Not a lot of time was spent explaining how the group got there, what happened along the way or how long it took to reach Richmond.

We got a few of the answers on AMC’s Talking Dead when director of the episode and special effects master Greg Nicotero said that 17 days days had passed since Daryl was seen carrying Beth out of Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta to when the group arrived in Richmond.  However, showrunner Scott Gimple was much less matter of fact or exact about how long he felt it took in a recent Entertainment Weekly article:

"“I do know the general amount of time it was. I’m wary of actually saying it definitively, but yeah, they went from Georgia up to Virginia so it took them a good while but it hasn’t been a year’s journey. More in the two-week range.” Gimple said."

So, to travel the 500 miles that Rick Grimes said in the walkie-talkie to Carol Peletier, it took approximately 14-17 days.  While that is an approximation between the showrunner and director it gives us a pretty good insight into the trip that the survivors went on.

Mathematically, that means that the group averaged travelling anywhere between 36 to 29 miles per day since the events at Grady Memorial Hospital.  That pace makes some sense, since the group would likely scavenge for materials and supplies along the way and they likely spent a day or two in or around Atlanta burying Beth, finding vehicles and getting gasoline.

There is speculation that enough time had passed for Morgan Jones to catch up to the group, but I just don’t think that’s true.  Since there has been quite a bit of plant growth and fading on the magazines outside the school, I still believe that Morgan is at least a month behind the survivors.  I’m not sure I’d even expect him to catch up to the group during The Walking Dead’s fifth season, but I know that I’m looking forward to when Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones finally meet up.

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