Walking Dead Spoiler: Scenes from ‘Them’


Spoilers on the next episode of The Walking Dead “Them”

The Spoiling Dead facebook page has always had some good inside information on what will happen on the coming episodes. They had called out Beth’s death weeks before it actually happened.

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They have a little insight for us on the coming episode “They” that they have shared on their page.  Here is the tidbits that they were able to share.

"Here is a description covering a couple of scenes from the upcoming episode.-The group has been traveling a long road. Daryl is seen eating a worm while Sasha kicks some dead frogs in a dried up river."

"-After taking a break on this long road, Daryl comes back from a failed hunting trip, a cigarette break, and having a little cry for Beth. He puts the cigarette out in his thumb. Four feral dogs appear. Rick and Daryl get their weapons ready, but Sasha pulls out her silenced rifle and shoots them all. She’s very annoyed at everything due to her brothers death. The next shot we see them cooking chunks of meat on a fire in the moonlight.-At one point near the fire, Father Gabriel throws his priest collar into the fire.*Note: the scenes and information are correct at the time of posting. Keep in mind, this can change by the time we see it on tv."

Sasha still has that sharpshooters touch. If you are into the comics, I wonder how much she will be remixed to be Andrea’s character? TV Sasha and comic Andrea share that tainted meat scene and they both are the sharpshooters of the group. I wonder what other characteristics they will share. That could be another spoilers post in the future.

As for the spoilers for this episode, at least the group was able to get some meat from those feral dogs. I was wondering when they were going to bring dogs back to the show. There were a number of dog sightings in the past, but they never were a threat. This time it seems like the dogs are an actual threat to the group.

What do you all think of the appearance of these dogs? Does someone own them?

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