The Walking Dead S5E10: Them – 3 Minor Spoilers


Our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans have dropped three more EXCLUSIVE spoilers for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.  The title of the episode is “Them” and is the tenth episode of the show’s fifth season.



So, let’s discuss their minor spoilers.  Here they are from The Spoiling Dead’s Facebook account, in the order they appeared in their post.

Here is the first:

"“The group has been traveling a long road. Daryl is seen eating a worm while Sasha kicks some dead frogs in a dried up river.”"

When you’re hungry enough, you’ll eat almost anything.  Daryl Dixon’s history has shown that he has no problem eating most animals, so a worm shouldn’t be too surprising.  Then there’s Sasha.  Perhaps kicking those frogs is a great way to take out some frustration and emotional anguish without being detrimental to the group.

The second involves Rick, Daryl, and Sasha:

"“After taking a break on this long road, Daryl comes back from a failed hunting trip, a cigarette break, and having a little cry for Beth. He puts the cigarette out in his thumb. Four feral dogs appear. Rick and Daryl get their weapons ready, but Sasha pulls out her silenced rifle and shoots them all. She’s very annoyed at everything due to her brothers death. The next shot we see them cooking chunks of meat on a fire in the moonlight.”"

Although Beth’s death was only two episodes ago, I already feel like a ton of time has been spent dealing with her demise.  It will be interesting to see how The Walking Dead can distinguish the reason why Daryl sheds some tears during his smoke break.  Will it be a flashback?  Will he be vocally upset?

The pack of dogs were part of the preview video for next week.  The roaming group of canines would pose a big threat to the survivors, but Sasha appears to be more than willing to take out her anger on them.  While I never enjoy seeing animals die, even when it isn’t real on a TV show like The Walking Dead, it is important to get the group some food and establish how low they are on supplies.

And the final spoiler involves Father Gabriel:

"“At one point near the fire, Father Gabriel throws his priest collar into the fire.”"

That is quite interesting.  If Father Gabriel is either renounces his faith or questions it, that would be a major change from the comic book series.  Gabriel has been on a bit of a journey since locking himself in his church.  He’s discovered how much of a threat walkers are and how much people are willing to do to survive in the zombie apocalypse.  This is something to keep your eyes on.

At the end of The Spoiling Dead’s post, this disclaimer was added.

"*Note: the scenes and information are correct at the time of posting. Keep in mind, this can change by the time we see it on tv."

At this time, I have no reason to doubt these spoilers for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead from The Spoiling Dead Fans.  Each of these, while minor, could be leading up to something more major or helping develop a storyline.  Many thanks go out to Spoiling Dead Fans for their great work!

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