Watch The Walking Dead Take Over Comedy Central’s @Midnight


Last night, Comedy Central’s @Midnight had a guest panel that was comprised entirely of the cast and crew of the hit AMC television show The Walking Dead.  Participating in the comedy game show that is hosted by Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick were three of the biggest names in the zombie universe.  Here is a list of the competitors on the program:

Lauren Cohan

  •  She is best known for playing Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead.  I was a bit surprised that she was asked to do a comedy game show considering she has no real roots in comedy that I’m aware of, but she did a mighty fine job on the program.

Josh McDermitt

  •  McDermitt was a contestant on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and was fairly well known on the comedy circuit prior to being cast on The Walking Dead.  That background made him an ideal candidate to represent The Walking Dead on @Midnight.

Robert Kirkman

  •  To create something as serious and emotionally draining as The Walking Dead, you have a have a good sense of humor.  Kirkman has shown that he can handle comedy by appearing on @Midnight.  He also proved that he loves Chili’s.

Here is a fantastic clip from Comedy Central on YouTube where they give away FAKE spoilers from The Walking Dead:

Did you hear the reaction that The Walking Dead’s creator Robert Kirkman got for his “Glenn” spoiler?  Wow!  I’m guessing most people didn’t think that was too funny, but I thought it was absolute genius and possibly the best part of the entire episode.

To watch the entire uncut program, go to Comedy Central’s website:—wednesday–february-11–2015—uncensored-season-2-ep-02063

Be warned: @Midnight can be filled with crude humor at any occasion and the link above contains the uncensored version of the program.  There will likely be foul language and quite a bit of content that may not be suitable for younger viewers.  Still, it is hilarious and fun to see personalities from The Walking Dead involved in the awesome comedy game show!

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