The Walking Dead: A Friday The 13th Comparison


It is Friday the 13th.  This is a day that fans of horror, slasher, and gore love because they get to see Camp Crystal Lake’s Jason Voorhees rise from the depths and slay many camp counselors.  Even fans of The Walking Dead can appreciate some of the things that the movies and shows have to offer.

Here are a some things that the two have in common:

The Undead

While the universe of The Walking Dead is littered with zombies and walkers, the term hasn’t ever really been applied to Jason Voorhees on Friday the 13th.  Since drowning in Camp Crystal Lake, Jason went from a mentally disabled and physically deformed boy to a hulking brute of a killer set to seek revenge against any camp counselors at Crystal Lake.

The Walking Dead doesn’t have the members of the dead transforming into massive murdering machines, but the hordes of undead that they have can be quite intimidating.  On its own, one walker isn’t a huge threat unless it can catch someone in a compromising position, but still harbors the need to kill and eat the flesh of its victims.

The Machete

Jason Voorhees is known for his signature machete.  While he is more than capable of causing massive amounts of damage with his fists or super-human strength, he seems to prefer to use his long bladed weapon instead.  It is a efficient weapon, since it increases range and can make killing much faster than using bare hands even though it is a much less personal way to kill.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead has used their fair share of machetes on the show as well.  In fact, several of the show’s bad guys, including Tomas and Gareth, met their end by a machete.  Countless walkers were destroyed by Glenn Rhee, Maggie Greene, or Rick Grimes using the popular weapon and even Father Gabriel now carries one for protection (even though he may not know how to efficiently use it).

Unexplained Origins

There’s no real reason why Jason Voorhees came back from the dead on Friday the 13th.  While his character is driven for revenge, there was never really a good, solid explanation as to how Jason came back to life after being left for dead at the bottom of the New Jersey body of water.

That’s similar to viewers having no real idea what got everyone infected on The Walking Dead.  Since it is literally everyone in the show will reanimate after they die unless they receive massive damage to their head, we know there is no way to escape it.

In Conclusion

There aren’t many similarities between Friday the 13th and The Walking Dead, but there is no reason not to enjoy both.  Each program offers a unique experience that can be fun in its own way.  But one thing we have learned from watching both programs are these things:

The undead are scary as hell and machetes make awesome weapons.

Enjoy your Friday the 13th.  And stay away from Camp Crystal Lake today if at all possible.

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