The Walking Dead S5E10: Them – MTV Spoilers


Well, it’s happened again.  MTV has once again posted their review for The Walking Dead’s newest episode prior to it airing on AMC.  That means that we’ve got full knowledge of what will happen during tonight’s episode (season 5 episode 10, titled “Them”).  Thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans, we how have a transcript of that review.


Here are some key points from the MTV review of The Walking Dead S5E10:

  • The group hits rock bottom looking for supplies.  They’re seemingly wandering around at this point in the show, looking for a safe haven that probably doesn’t exist.
  • They get caught up in a wicked lightning storm.  The group takes shelter in a barn and Rick delivers a speech about adjusting to life after walkers and it being easier for kids that don’t know what it was like before.  He also sends a powerful message relating his current situation to his grandfather’s time in World War 2.
  • Rick finally says an iconic line.  “We are the walking dead.”  Many fans have been waiting to hear that.  It’s pretty cool that during season 5, fans got “tainted meat” and “walking dead” quotes.  However, this quote can help confirm that “The Walking Dead” refers to the survivors on the show, and not the zombies.

Big thanks go out to Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook for sharing this mistakenly posted review as well as “Irene” who they have credited for breaking the story to them.  These spoilers are minor in the scope of the show, but it is pretty cool that we’re going to learn about Rick’s grandpa, get a sweet lightning storm and see the group fighting to survive despite bad conditions.

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 10: “Them” airs tonight on AMC.  Check your local listings for time and availability.

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