Who is The Mystery Man Aaron On The Walking Dead?


At the end of season 5 episode 10 of The Walking Dead, a new character approached Maggie and Sasha while they were messing with a music box.  The man introduced himself as Aaron and asked to speak to the leader of their group, Rick.  He even teased the group with the promise of “good news” for the survivors and the music box started playing.

While folks that have only watched the TV show are right to have no clue who this man is or what his reasoning for approaching the group would be, fans of the popular comic book series already know quite a bit about Aaron and had a bit of a different reaction to seeing him arrive on the show.  Let’s talk a bit about who Aaron is and what his role is in the comics:



So, in The Walking Dead’s comic book universe, Aaron is a scout for the Alexandria Safe-Zone.  His purpose is to identify potentially helpful individuals for acceptance into a functioning community of survivors.  He has the rather dangerous task of approaching survivors that he has deemed as worthy and trying to persuade them to come to the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

He isn’t alone in his travels though.  He is accompanied by his boyfriend Eric, who watches from a distance and listens in remotely to ensure Aaron’s safety.  If any attempt is made to hurt Aaron, Eric would break up the trouble by killing those involved.  As we know, there is safety in numbers and two is much better than one.

Aaron is dressed nicely and clean because the Alexandria Safe-Zone is a fully functioning community.  They have showers, fresh water,  and partial electricity due to an isolated power grid.  He is well fed because they raise their own crops and animals.

As in the comics, the group should be very hesitant to trust Aaron.  Eventually though, they should give in and venture to the Alexandria Safe-Zone with him and see what the community is all about.  That should all happen during season 5, but might not be immediately since they still need to agree to check it out and then need to travel there.

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