The Walking Dead: Another Warning About ‘The Wolves’


The Walking Dead’s episode on Sunday showed the group on the brink of disaster both mentally and physically.  Some of the scenes were really intense and by the time Aaron was introduced, a lot of the episode seemed like one big haze.  However, eagle eyed fans over at found something that I missed during my multiple watches of the program.

The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead’s fifth season gave us a lot of questions that we never got answers to or that were never addressed in S5E10: Them.  But one of the things that should have been a much bigger topic looks to be continuing on the show.

During last week’s program, Michonne was seen standing in front of graffiti inside Shirewilt Estates that said “The Wolves Are Near”.  They also found the limbs of the people all taken off near the huge hole in the wall and a truck full of torsos and heads with the letter “W” carved in them.

The trend of hearing about “The Wolves” continued on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.  During a somewhat subtle shot of the barn near some trees, the word “Wolves” can be seen graffitied on the structure.

While there are theories out there about who or what “The Wolves” are and why everything with their marking on it has no signs of life left around it, there are no concrete answers or connections as to what these warnings are about.

Hopefully Aaron, the stranger that approached the group at the end of the episode will be able to shine a little more light on this mystery and explain a little bit about it.  The tease about this possible group of baddies is having a nice buildup and sure as heckfire has me interested to see what the next hints will be about “The Wolves” on The Walking Dead.

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