Walking Dead Sneak Peek: The Distance (video)


The Walking Dead introduced a character named Aaron and the group has him captured in a sneak peek in the next episode. 

At the end of the latest episode of The Walking Dead, we were introduced to a character named Aaron. He showed up with his hands up and introduced himself to Maggie and Sasha saying that he is a friend. Likely the same friend that brought the water to the group.  It seemed suspicious that he would show up out of nowhere, but he made his introduction and we will have to find out what he is all about.

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We were given a little sneak peek into the next episode and we see that the group has Aaron tied up and they are questioning him. They have patted him down and found a flare gun. The group assumes that he would use it to share his location if he were in any danger.

Rick asks Aaron how many people are out there waiting for him, but Aaron knows that it doesn’t matter how many people are out there, the group is not going to believe him.

Check out the sneak peek into the next episode right here:

It will be interesting to find out who Aaron is. Is he going to be a friend or an enemy for the group? I know what the comics say about his character.

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