Walking Dead ‘The Distance’: New Zealand And FOX LA Promos


Two new promo videos for The Walking Dead’s eleventh episode of their fifth season have surfaced.  While the two teasers don’t offer a ton of varying content, they both give a little insight into what will be going on in the installment of The Walking Dead that is scheduled to air on February 22, 2015.

The first video that was found was the commercial that airs in New Zealand.  Here is the video from The Walking Dead And More 2 on YouTube:

As you can see from the video, Aaron is brought into the barn and patted down.  They are then shown pictures by Aaron of fortified walls.  They find a flare gun on Aaron, and the group knows that they are being watched.  They peer through the barn and can’t find anyone.  After that the group is seen on the move again.  They’re walking down the road until it flashes to Aaron and the survivors in a house of sorts.  Aaron asks for trust, but Rick says that they they don’t know him.  Then, the group seems to be clearing out a couple buildings before a scene with Glenn and Rick in a car surrounded by fog and walkers.

And here is the commercial that is airing on FOX LA for the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead from The Walking Dead And More 2 on YouTube:

The content in this video isn’t much different until the end of the video.  In this teaser, we get to see the car speeding through walkers in what is hopefully another of the iconic parts of the graphic novel.  But the real scary moment is when we see Glenn in what looks to be a cornfield of some sort get snuck up on by a walker who is ready to take a bite out of his arm.  We get to see the front of the car, which shows walker guts all over it (just like in the comics), and rick draws his machete with a very focused look on his face.

These teasers help us understand a bit of what is to come next week on The Walking Dead.  It looks like we’re in for quite a bit of action and a lot of trying to find out if Aaron is trustworthy.  I know I’m excited for Sunday…Are you?

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