Discussion: What Happened At Shirewilt On The Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere raised quite a few questions that haven’t been answered yet.  One of the major questions involve the events that happened at Shirewilt Estates before Rick Grimes and the gang got there to see if it was a sustainable place to settle down.

It was discovered that an entire part of the wall was smashed down, houses were burned, bodies were cut in half with the limbs removed, and trucks were filled with the torsos with the letter “W” carved into their heads.  It made for a really confusing end to the episode when Tyreese was rushed off in the vehicle and they were unable to really investigate what happened.

Luckily for us, the folks at theStream.tv’s The Walking Dead After Show took the time to answer a question from one of our Twitter followers.  Here is the question that was sent in by Jess:

“What do you think happened at ShireWilt, and is the carnage realted to the limbless “W” bodies in the truck?” 

Here is the video where Malynda Hale, Glenna Gasparian, Timothy Michael, and David Fichtenmayer answered the question for an EXCLUSIVE clip for us at Undead Walking:

Hopefully, the events of Wiltshire will be explained a lot better when the group has time to settle down.  Who or what managed to cause that kind of destruction to the Shirewilt community will have to be addressed and could be the lead in for something much bigger in the future.

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