Walking Dead S5E11: The Distance – Opening Scene


It has become commonplace that The Walking Dead has interesting scenes before the credits that often foreshadow the events to happen within the episode.  Thanks to the folks over at The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook, we now know what that opening scene for The Distance (season 5 episode 11) will be.  Thanks to one of their contributors, Our Obi Wan, we how have a description of this opening:


The show opens with the group at the barn that they were held up in during the storm last week.  They’re all busy doing things, like Daryl cleaning his crossbow, Rick playing with Judith, and Carl messing around with a piece of wood from the wall of the barn.

Then, Maggie enters the barn and tells the group about Aaron.  Daryl gets up and goes to the barn door, checking to see if he can spot anyone else outside.  He then proceeds to frisk Aaron for weapons and comes up with nothing, since Maggie has already removed his only pistol.

Surrounding Aaron with their weapons pulled, the group seems very wary of him.  Aaron says “hi”.  Rick then asks Maggie for Aaron’s weapon.  She passes Rick the pistol and he checks it for ammo.  He then asked Aaron what he wants from the group.

Sasha explains that Aaron has a community that he’d like the survivors do “audition” for.  Aaron adds that he thinks that the group could be a valuable addition to the place he represents.  Aaron then asked Sasha to give Rick his backpack and open an envelope in the front pocket.  Inside that packet is a photo of the walled community, which Aaron says nothing alive or dead can get in with security being the top priority.

Aaron says that his job is to get the group to follow him to the sanctuary.  Before he can finish his pitch, Rick walks up to him and punches Aaron in the face, rendering him unconscious.

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