Fox International Promo: The Walking Dead S5E12 – Remember


Fans of The Walking Dead can get a jump start on the 12th episode of season 5 with this very interesting commercial from Fox International.


Our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook are at it again.  This time, one of their members who was referred to as ‘Liesl”, tipped them off to this video of the Fox International teaser advertisement for The Walking Dead’s 12th episode of season 5, titled Remember.

Keep in mind that season 5 episode 11 hasn’t even aired yet, so this video will give away the major theme of Sunday’s episode.  Don’t watch this if you don’t want to know a bit about what happens!

Here is the promo from The Spoiling Dead Fans over on their Vimeo account:

As you can see from the promo, the group has arrived at the Alexandria Safe-Zone and appear to be attempting to adjust to life within the confines and safety of the walled community.  Carl doesn’t seem to be handling that adjustment very well at all, as he is seen pulling a knife at the first source of noise that he hears in the house that he is in.

Rick Grimes also talks about how he’s not sure what these people want from them.  He talks about their angle, and measuring your worth by what they can take from you.

The community seems nice, clean and efficient.  But as we’ve learned from Terminus and Woodbury, things aren’t always as they seem.  Luckily for the survivors, things appear to be on the up-and-up for the folks at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Aaron, and Eric.  And that especially rings true if the story stays true to the comic book storyline.

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