Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Pete be new villain?


We will be meeting some new characters on The Walking Dead as the group enters the Safe Zone. Will one of them be the new villain of the show? 


We recently learned about some of the new characters that will be expected to join the show in Episode 12. The show is right at the gates of the ALexandria Safe Zone and we will be meeting some interesting characters. One of the characters that we will be running into will be Pete that is played by Corey Brill.

Pete likely will be the new “villain” on the show. Based on the comics, he is a member of Alexandria and is a doctor. As all doctors would be at this time, he is a very valuable member of the community. He has done a few things that other people of the community just turn their eyes away from since he is so valuable.

With Rick and company showing up as part of the community, Rick won’t stand for his behavior. Pete is suspected to be a child abuser and he often gets into fights with his wife Jessie. He beats his son and beats his wife and we can see how Rick would respond to something like that. Carl is his life and he would not want to see that happen to any other kids in this zone.

I don’t know if they will morph Pete into this “villain” type character immediately. I am sure they will make him like a decent character to start with as they acclimate to the community at first. We will see how quickly they move through the story, but Pete will likely be on the hit list and we haven’t even met him yet.

The TV show has found ways to remix certain characters on the show, so this all could be rubbish when we get to it, but Pete is expected to be introduced in the next episode with his wife Jessie. Those pieces already match a lot of things from the comics.

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