Walking Dead: Alexandria Safe Zone characters cast


New characters will make their appearance in episode 12 of The Walking Dead. 


On the recent episode of the Walking Dead, we get to the gates of the Alexandria Safe Zone and the group is about to enter through. In the next episode, we should meet a whole new group of characters. The Spoiling Dead  has the inside information on who has been cast for the roles on the show and what their character names will be.

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Here is the listing from the Spoiling Dead:

"Ann Mahoney as OliviaCorey Brill as PeteElijah Marcano as MikeyKatelyn Nacon as EnidMajor Dodson as SamNote: These are the confirmed names we have received so far. Alexandra Breckenridge is in the episode, but we have not gotten confirmation on her name being Jessie or something different."

If you reference the comics, some of these characters will be familiar. Here is a little insight on some of the characters.

Olivia: She is in charge of the weapons storage and armory.

Pete: Pete is the doctor in the group and is believed to be one of the most valuable people in the Safe Zone. He and Rick will not see eye-to-eye.

Mikey: Younger kid that is around the age of Carl.

Enid and Sam will be new characters added to the TV series.

If Alexandra Breckenridge is cast as Jessie (we assume she will be), she will be the former wife of Pete.

Get ready to meet the new group in Alexandria.

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