The Walking Dead: Who Is Deanna In Alexandria Safe-Zone?


The Walking Dead has been introducing quite a few new characters recently.  Since adding both Aaron and Eric in the last two episodes, it appears as though we’re going to be meeting a lot of new faces at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.  Fans of the The Walking Dead’s comics should be familiar with the Alexandria Safe-Zone, most of the residents, and the “audition” procedure.

But the preview video for season 5 episode 12 of The Walking Dead, titled “Remember”, the group is told that they’ll be talking to Deanna.  But who is she?  She’s not a part of The Walking Dead’s comic book universe and could be either a new character or a remix of a character like we’ve seen in the past.

One rumor is that instead of AMC having Douglas Monroe being in charge of the Alexandria Safe-Zone like the in the comics, the show will turn the leader into a woman named Deanna.  That’s entirely possible as we haven’t really had a settlement that was run by a female leader other than Dawn at Grady Memorial Hospital.  It would be nice to see a functioning society with a matriarch in charge.

But it’s more likely that Deanna is a contact person.  She could be someone who fills potential audition candidates in on what the community is and what the expectations would be before approaching the person who is in charge of the community.  Until next week, the best we can do is speculate.

What do you guys think?  Is Deanna going to be the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone?  Is she someone who will prepare survivors for their audition?  Or will she serve a different role on AMC’s The Walking Dead?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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