Talking Dead Guests 3/1/15 – S5E12: Remember


Talking Dead has become a fixture for many fans of The Walking Dead.  It gives fans a bit of time to digest what they’ve seen and learn a bit more about how it was made.  In addition they also always seem to have folks from the cast and crew of The Walking Dead to join them along with some bonus celebrity faces.

This week looks like a good week for Talking Dead, as they will have an actor, a celebrity, a crew member, and a member of rock royalty.  Here is a list of the guests scheduled to appear on the show:

Alanna Masterson

  • Known mostly for her role as Tara Chambler on The Walking Dead, Masterson’s character has brought a lighthearted feel to the zombie apocalypse despite all the death and despair surrounding the characters on the program.  Hopefully, she can bring that same kind of wonder and humor to Talking Dead’s couch on Sunday.

Denise Huth

  • As the Producer of The Walking Dead, Huth has helped bring some of the greatest moments in The Walking Dead’s history to the small screen.  Her experience with the show and all-around knowledge of how the popular AMC television show operates will be a valuable asset for Talking Dead.

Timothy Simons

  • Simons is an up-and-comer in Hollywood who has been in such projects as HBO’s Veep and the movies Draft Day and The Interview.  While he doesn’t seem to have any ties to AMC’s The Walking Dead, sometimes the best guests on the show are just celebrity fans.

Scott Ian

  • The frontman for Anthrax will be discussing being a part of this episode according to the folks at  He will talk about the process of being transformed into a walker for the episode and hopefully give some opinions on The Walking Dead in general.

Talking Dead is scheduled to be on immediately following The Walking Dead at 10 pm EST.  Be sure to check your local listings for exact time and availability.

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