Is Sasha The AMC Version Of The Walking Dead Comics Andrea?


One of the biggest surprises on The Walking Dead was when Andrea died.  In the comic book series, Andrea continues to live a long and fruitful life long past the confrontation with The Governor and actually serves a pretty major role.

When Andrea was killed off, the entire show changed.  No longer would she be a potential love interest for Rick Grimes.  No more would she be able to show off her sharpshooting.  And of course, her relationship with Dale was something that was never even touched up on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

But one thing we’ve learned from watching The Walking Dead is that they like to change things up a little bit.  Whether that means adding a character, removing a characters, or just changing one that currently exists, the crew on The Walking Dead like to keep us guessing as to what is coming next.

However, Andrea’s death may have given rise to another character.  Her loss could very well be Sasha’s gain.

There are some heavy comparisons here.  In the comics, Dale is the one used in the “tainted meat” scene with the Hunters instead of Bob.  As I mentioned earlier, Dale and Andrea were a couple in the comics.  But who was Bob’s love interest on the AMC show?  That’s right!  Sasha!

In addition, Andrea was a natural with a gun in the comic book.  She could pick a fly off a watermelon from 300 yards.  But on the AMC show, she struggled with her accuracy.  She needed the help of Shane and other survivors to become a decent shot, but still missed her target when firing at Daryl (who she thought was a walker) on Hershel’s farm.

But Sasha has shown the ability to be an excellent marksman.  This was shown on a couple occasions, including the scenes where she sniped a walker while Rick was negotiating with the Grady Memorial officers and her ability to kill all the attacking dogs quickly and efficiently on the highway to Washington D.C.

Now, Sasha has lost everyone close to her on the hit AMC show, just like Andrea lost her husband and adopted children in the comics.  While these are minor things that could be red herrings to throw off fans and make them speculate (just as I’m doing right now), it will be interesting to see if AMC decides to go this route with Sasha to make her a love interest for Rick.

Fans seem more wanting to see Michonne take on the role of Rick’s lover, but you never know what AMC has up their sleeves.  In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep tuning in to see what will happen next.

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