The Walking Dead: Jessie To Be Introduced Tonight


As was rumored quite a while ago, Alexandra Breckenridge will be introduced in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead.  She will play a character named Jessie who will offer to help make the survivors a bit more presentable after their long, hard time out in the wild.

Folks may remember Breckenridge for her roles on American Horror Story, Save Me, and Dirt.  Personally, it was her work on American Horror Story that really opened my eyes to her as an actress.  She will bring her talents to an already loaded cast on The Walking Dead for tonight’s episode (season 5 episode 12: “Remember”).

Here is what her character will do in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead according to the folks at The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook:

Warning: Spoilers Below!!!

Jessie will go to the home of Rick and Carl Grimes with a gift basket and offer to give them a haircut.  She will talk to them about her son, who is approximately Carl’s age and leaves.  The next morning, Jessie catches Rick freaking out a bit in the streets looking for his daughter Judith.  It turns out Judith is with Carl and some of the other young people in the community.

While that’s all we’ll see of Jessie in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, expect a bigger story to develop out of her character.  Jessie’s character is married, it’s possible that she could play out the storyline in the comics that occurs between Jessie and Peter Anderson where he is physically abusive to her and Rick doesn’t stand for it.  Eventually, Jesse and Rick become an item of sorts.

The Walking Dead is set to air tonight at 9 pm EST on AMC.  Make sure to check your local listings for time and availability.

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