The Walking Dead: Will Enid take the role of Sophia from comics?


Will the newest character on the Walking Dead, Enid, take on the role of Sophia from the comic series? 


We are now in the Alexandria Safe-Zone on The Walking Dead TV series and we have met a few new characters. We have met Jessie. We have met Deanna. We also have met young Enid. Enid seemed like she is guarded when she meets Carl for the first time. She was also seen escaping out of the walls of the Safe-Zone during the episode. She was new to the community, just like the group.

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What role is Enid going to play on the show?

For all the comic fans, it seems like she fits the role of Sophia perfectly. Unlike the TV series, Sophia is still alive when the group arrives in the Alexandria Safe Zone. She becomes Carl’s girlfriend and her mother, Carol is already dead. Glenn and Maggie take her in and adopt her and they move up to the Hilltop in Alexandria.

How does Enid’s role fit Sophia’s already?

Since Enid just was just recently brought into the town, like the rest of the group, she is having a hard time fitting in with the teenagers. She is not into playing video games like the other teens are. She doesn’t know any other life but surviving. That seems like a perfect way for her to bond with different members of the group. She can bond with Carl. She can bond with Maggie. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like she has any family with her in the Safe-Zone, which would maker her a perfect candidate to be adopted in by Glenn and Maggie just like the comics. We don’t know her family status just yet, but that info could be shared fairly soon.

The relationships and roles that Sophia played in the comics could easily be transferred over to Enid. The match seems to fit very well. We have seen the TV show remix roles from the comics before and it seems like we are doing it again. Meet our new Sophia, we call her Enid.

Will Enid be the new Sophia?

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