The Walking Dead Sneak Peeks: S5E13 – ‘Forget’


As always, it’s fun to take a look at the sneak peek videos for the next week of The Walking Dead. Things are getting interesting with the group in Alexandria, all the new characters that we’re meeting and some of the strange stuff that is going on in the community.  Luckily for us, there have been three great teaser trailers for next week’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “Forget”.

Here is the official teaser for “Forget” from the AMC YouTube account showing Sasha going on a hunting trip with the person she is with asking for the leg of a boar in hopes to cure the meat.  It appears as though Sasha’s aptitude with a gun hasn’t gone unnoticed by the folks at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.  Here is that video:

Here’s another promo for The Walking Dead S5E12 – Forget.  This one features a voice over from Rick Grimes questioning the motives of the folks in Alexandria.  It seems as though Rick has a plan to get some information about the community by using Carol since Daryl is being watched so closely.  Speaking of Daryl, it looks like he find out Aaron is following him outside the walls and they both get into a little bit of trouble and need to rely on some firepower.  Here is that video courtesy of Best PromosTV on YouTube:

Talking Dead also shared a teaser video on their show.  This one showed Sasha using some picture frames for target practice.  Here is that promo from Carlost on YouTube:

So what do you guys think of these previews for The Walking Dead – Forget?  Will there be more struggle inside the walls?  Will Rick’s plan find out some devious intentions from the folks in Alexandria?  Or will the group better adjust to “normal” life once again?

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