The Walking Dead: What Plan Does Rick Have Up His Sleeve?


On last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes ended the show by saying that if things didn’t work out with the residents of the Alexandria Safe-Zone that his group would just take the walled community from them.  This hostile remark showed that Rick isn’t quite ready to trust the Alexandrians at all.


The folks at TV guide dropped a couple minor spoilers about next week’s episode in a recent article.  Apparently, Rick will take his search to find out what is going on in Alexandria up a notch in season 5 episode 13, titled “Forget”.  Here is what the article says:

"“On Sunday’s episode, while the rest of the group continues to acclimate to their new surroundings, Rick recruits a couple of his allies to begin secret meetings to discuss a possible takeover. In fact, the cabal even organizes their first covert mission to put their plans into place.”"

You’d expect Rick to recruit some of the most skeptical and sneaky members of the group to gather intel on Alexandria.  It does seem like the group is keeping pretty good eyes on Rick and Daryl, but some of the other characters that have jobs close to the government (Maggie and Sasha) could be able to get some good insight into the community.

But TV guide continued, and things don’t sound like they work out too well for those trying to execute Rick Grimes’ plan.

"“Unfortunately, the movement might end before it even makes it off the ground. Not only does an Alexandrian catch one of Rick’s agents sneaking around, but by the end of the episode, two people — including the one you would least expect — have warmed so much to the peaceful way of life that they might not go through with their original plan.”"

Is Daryl going to “warm” to the charms of Alexandria?  Or are they talking about a different character that’s struggling to adjust to life in the walled community?  Let us know who you think might not go through with the plan and some of the things that Rick might want the group to spy on.

The Walking Dead’s 13th episode of season 5 titled “Forget” is scheduled to air on AMC at 9 pm EST on March 8, 2015.  Be sure to check your local listings for actual time and availability.

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