Jobs For Other Major Characters On The Walking Dead


On last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, some of the survivors got jobs within the walls of Alexandria.  Michonne and Rick became officers of the law.  Tara, Glenn and Noah joined the group making supply runs.  And Carol even got a job where she had to dress up.

We didn’t get to learn a lot about the jobs of the other survivors in the group, but there was a good reason for that.

According to an interview with Greg Nicotero in Entertainment Weekly, a scene that was a montage of sorts had to be eliminated from the episode due to time constraints.  Luckily for us, Nicotero described the scenes and some of the jobs that other members of the group were given.

Here is what Greg Nicotero said:

"“There were a couple of scenes that we had to lose due to time—a really interesting sequence. It was when all of them were going to work for their jobs. We see Rosita going to meet [Jessie’s husband] Pete, and we see Abraham going to meet the crew that is building the wall, and we see Eugene going to meet with a worker to discuss the solar array. And we also see Maggie going to work with Deanna. So it was a great little montage, and we had to lose it strictly for time. But it was this great moment where people were having to deal with the emotion of assimilating back into what is such a normal world in an abnormal universe.”"

So, Rosita will be working with Pete doing…something.  Abraham will work construction, just like in the comics.  Maggie got a cushy government job.  And Eugene will be using his knowledge of science.  I feel as though learning the jobs of these individuals would have really helped last week’s episode, but hopefully they all get explained in Sunday’s installment of The Walking Dead.

You can catch episode 13 of The Walking Dead’s fifth season this Sunday at 9 pm EST on AMC.  Be sure to check your local listings for time and availability.

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