‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Ordered To Series By AMC


It was announced today by the folks over at Season Zero that The Walking Dead‘s companion program “Fear The Walking Dead” has been ordered to a series by AMC.  Once gone under the code name “Cobalt”, this project looks to finally be a reality.

This news shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the success that AMC has had with The Walking Dead.  Much like Better Call Saul being a spinoff of sorts for Breaking BadFear The Walking Dead should bring in a large amount of the audience from AMC’s flagship show, The Walking Dead.

Here is what they had to say about “Fear The Walking Dead” being ordered on the Season Zero website:

"“Described as a family drama, Fear The Walking Dead (previously known as Cobalt) takes place in Los Angeles and will tell the story of the early days of the epidemic through the eyes of a family, without any tie with the comic books. We don’t know much more except a lot of the action happens in an hospital.”"

I was under the impression that a lot of the plot would take place in the school where many of the characters either work or attend, but it appears as though that is not correct.  Instead, Season Zero states that a hospital will be one of the major locations.  Season Zero had something to say about the filming location as well,

"“The shooting is expected to start in early April for a likely launch this summer, as a bridge between season 5 and season 6 of The Walking Dead. Production will move from Los Angeles for the pilot to Vancouver, Canada, for the remainder of the first season.”"

Hold on.  Vancouver, Canada.  That is the first that I’ve heard of a location change for either filming or a series location.  Vancouver would be an interesting location to have the series be set since cold temperatures and even snow aren’t things that the group has had to deal with on The Walking Dead.  However, there is a distinct possibility that the filming could happen there and that the show is still set in California.

With this excellent cast and great writers and directors, Fear The Walking Dead looks like it is set up to be a success when it does air on AMC.  As of now, there’s not an estimated time for a season one air date, but getting picked up for a series is a major step in the right direction for Fear The Walking Dead.

***UPDATE**  3/9/15***

Since publishing this, AMC has issued a press release saying that the companion series for The Walking Dead has been picked up by the network for 2 seasons.  According to the release found on The Futon Critic, The first season is set to be only six episodes long and be one hour each.

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