The Walking Dead Recap: S5E13 ‘Forget’


AMC’s The Walking Dead aired its 13th episode in season 5 on Sunday, March 8, 2015. In case you missed it or would like to review the events in Alexandria, here’s a recap.


We open with Sasha having trouble sleeping. After checking out a gun from Olivia and going for target practice in the woods with framed photos from an Alexandria home, Sasha sits on a tree stump and whispers, “Come and get me.”


With Maggie next to her as her new assistant, Deanna explains her vision of Alexandria.  We see Michonne in uniform. Rick let’s Deanna know that they need patrols.  After being shocked to find out there are no lookouts in the tower, Rick insists there be someone there at all times and Sasha volunteers for as many shifts as possible. Deanna agrees, but expects Sasha to attend her welcome party.


Earlier in the episode, we see Rick, Carol and Daryl use the shack outside the walls to conspire to get some guns. While there, they kill a walker with a W on its forehead. According to the plan, Carol unlocks the window of the gun room while getting baking supplies from Olivia in preparation for the party.


All of our group save Eugene, Tara, Father Gabriel and Daryl make an appearance at the party. Noah wants to leave, but Maggie and Glenn reassure him that he’s family. Abraham and Rosita reluctantly enter noting that at least there’s beer. Deanna’s husband compliments Rick letting him know that he’s seen his interview tapes. Jessie’s family arrives and Jessie’s husband thanks Rick for becoming constable and we learn that he is a doctor. Jessie talks to Rick about how life here is nice. She goes on and on about it as Rick looks around at his family and even sees Carl having fun with other kids.  “It isn’t enough, but it’s something. “Her son tells Rick he doesn’t have a stamp and he gives him a big red A stamp on his hand. 

Sasha finally arrives at the party, but loses her cool when a woman wants to make dinner for her and wants to know what Sasha likes because she is worried she’ll make something she hates. Sasha screams, “That’s what you worry about?”

A slightly drunk Abraham gives a Shakespearean speech about living by and dying by the sword and much more about the sword prompting Michonne to ask him how much he’s had to drink and by the end of the episode to hang her katana as art above the fireplace.

On the way out of the party, Rick lets Jessie know that he’s okay with starting to adjust to Alexandria and kisses her on the hair.


Aaron is impressed when Daryl realizes he is following him by sound and can tell the difference between walker sounds and human sounds without seeing them.  They find a horse that one of the Alexandria children had named Buttons. Daryl tried to rope Buttons, but walkers scared him off. Aaron talked to Daryl about relating to being an outsider. Aaron and Daryl were able to help each other from walkers, but unfortunately we’re not able to save Buttons.


Aaron invited Daryl to a spaghetti dinner with him and Eric instead of going to the big party.

After dinner, Aaron showed Daryl the pristine garage filled with motorcycle parts. He lets Daryl know that he’ll need a bike because he wants Daryl to become Alexandria’s other recruiter with him.  In his recruiting pitch to Daryl to become a recruiter, Aaron brilliantly shows Daryl that he understands him. Daryl thanks him and accepts graciously by telling Aaron he’s got nothing else to do.


Since the cookies ran out at the party, Rick told Sam, Jessie’s son, that he knew the cookie lady and she would make him his own special batch.  This was bad news for Sam and for Carol’s plan because he followed Carol to the gun room and witnessed the theft. Carol let Sam know he shouldn’t tell his mother what he saw by issuing a threat more chilling than the now famous look at the flowers line.


Deanna talks to Sasha, still not happy with Sasha’s attitude, but lets her go to the tower.  When Daryl, Carol and Rick meet up again, Daryl says he’s going to try to make things work and they’ll use the guns if things go bad. Carol looks confused and Rick takes one of the guns. When the three of them return the episode ends with Rick mirroring a walker at the wall-Rick in safety and the walker on the outside. 

There are only three more episodes remaining in season 5. Do you think the group will adjust to Alexandria or will something go terribly wrong? Will Morgan ever catch up? Maybe Daryl and Aaron will recruit him? Tune in to AMC next Sunday to find out. As always, check your local listings.  

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