The Walking Dead S5E14: ‘Spend’ MAJOR SPOILERS


With the group from The Walking Dead trying to fit in at their new home in Alexandria, we knew there would be some growing pains.  So far, we’ve seen a failed supply run, an awkward party, Carol getting caught stealing guns and Glenn knocking Aiden on his butt.  Although things aren’t going the best, things could definitely be a lot worse.

According to our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook, next week’s episode will have some major events going down.  Thanks to one of their contributors going by the code name “Carols Cookies”, we now have some of the events that will go down in The Walking Dead’s 14th episode of season 5, titled “Spend”.


The first spoiler from Carols Cookies involves one of the new characters from Alexandria named Aiden, Tara, and Eugene.  A group of survivors goes to scavenge at an electronic store of sorts when some bad stuff goes down.  Assumingly Eugene is going looking for components for his Solar Array and needs some things from this store.  Once they get there, things go bad.

"“Deanna’s son Aiden, (the self-proclaimed douchebag) shoots a walker that’s wearing riot gear multiple times at a close distance. Aiden ends up shooting a grenade on the walker’s body by mistake. (Oopsie!) After the smoke clears, we see that Aiden has become a human shish kabob as he is impaled on a pole. Tara is knocked unconscious and starts bleeding from the head. After a failed attempt to help Aiden, he is munched on by some walkers. Eugene to the rescue! He scoops up Tara and carries her to safety.”"

But Aiden won’t be the only one that we’ll be saying goodbye to in Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.  “Spend” will also find one Rick’s group finding their end as well.  This one will happen in what appears to be an office building and someone will get trapped and consumed.  Here’s what Carols Cookies said about that:

"“Along with the death of Aiden, we will also lose Noah much like many of us predicted. Noah and Glenn get trapped in what looks like an office building. Noah gets trapped behind a glass wall of sorts and Glenn watches as Noah’s face is pressed up against the glass while some dirty walker fingers go into his mouth and his cheek is ripped apart. Goodbye Noah, we will miss your face.”"

So, it looks like we’ll be losing both Aiden (not a huge loss) and Noah (I actually liked him) in The Walking Dead: Spend.  After a couple weeks with no major deaths other than the poor horse Buttons, it’s crazy to see two characters go back-to-back.

You can catch The Walking Dead’s 14th episode of season 5 titled “Spend” on Sunday, March 15th at 9 pm EST.  As always, be sure to check your local listings for actual airtime and availability.

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