‘Empire’ Currently Reigns Over ‘The Walking Dead’ On Twitter


For quite a while, The Walking Dead was the most talked about show on the social media site Twitter. But now, Empire has taken its place on the list.

Empire has seemingly come out of nowhere to become one of the most popular shows on television.  No matter what form of social media you’re using, you’re bound to see someone discussing this hot FOX hip-hop soap opera.  While the appeal of Empire may wear off since it doesn’t have the longevity that a program like The Walking Dead has, there’s no denying that Empire has built themselves a very large and devoted fan base in a short period of time.  And many of those fans can’t stop talking about the show on social media.

Here are the top three most talked about shows on Twitter with their average number of mentions per episode for the show’s current season according to numbers posted at thewrap.com:

  1. Empire (FOX) – 451,270 tweets
  2. The Walking Dead (AMC) – 444,029 tweets
  3. Scandal (ABC) – 354,085 tweets

The hit AMC zombie drama is currently in its fifth season and is still enjoying a tremendous amount of success.  In fact, The Walking Dead still had the largest number of individual Twitter users discussing the episode that aired March 8, 2015 titled “Forget” than any other series or special from during the week of March 2nd to March 8th according to the numbers at Nielsen Social’s website.

Those numbers are destined to change as the new episodes for these popular shows continue airing.  It is possible that the gap between Empire and The Walking Dead could close by the time the show’s 5th season comes to a close on March 29th, 2015.

Fans of The Walking Dead should take to Twitter and be sure to discuss the episode with everyone on social media.  As usual, Undead Walking live tweets each week’s episode on our twitter account @UndeadWalkingFS and always try to provide fun memes and articles as well.

It would be great to see The Walking Dead overtake Empire as the most talked about show on Twitter, but in the meantime we should all be happy that there are great shows out there that bring people together on social media and help us forget the struggles of everyday life for a while.  For that, we should all be thankful.

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