The Walking Dead 514: Spend – 3 Teaser Videos


The Walking Dead is set to air this Sunday with its 14th episode of season 5.  This installment is titled “Spend” and looks to bring a lot of drama and possibly even action to the small screen.  While we can’t watch the whole episode now, we’ll have to settle for some spoilers and preview videos.

Luckily for us, there are three different preview videos for The Walking Dead: “Spend” available to cue us in a bit on what is going to happen.  Here are those three videos:

Our first preview comes to us from the folks at AMC.  This teaser focuses on Tara and Eugene walking around what looks like some kind of loading dock while talking about who is responsible for their group reaching Washington D.C. and what kind of person Eugene is.  Here is that preview from the official AMC YouTube page:

The next preview comes to us from Carlost’s YouTube channel and shows several different things.  It has Father Gabriel seemingly still struggling with accepting everyone that is in the community, Abraham on a construction site with walkers, Glenn and Noah near a fence opposite a TON of walkers, a whimpering Eugene, and a couple intense and creepy action scenes.  Here’s that video:

The final preview video is from Talking Dead, but is featured on The Walking Dead And More 2’s YouTube account.  This one shows an awkward conversation between Rick Grimes and the Jessie’s husband Pete.  The two are talking about being friends, yet the scene feels almost confrontational.  Here is that teaser:

The Walking Dead’s 14th episode of season 5 titled “Spend” is set to air on AMC this Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 9 pm EST.  As always, double check that time and channel with your local television provider to be sure you don’t miss out on what appears to be a fantastic episode of The Walking Dead.

**Updated 3/13/15 for a video that was taken down. Video was replaced with a new one.

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