The Walking Dead: The People and Photographs of Alexandria


The Walking Dead’s Safe Zone of Alexandria is filled with people. It is filled with cameras taking videos of the stories of the new arrivals for transparency. It is filled with homes that are filled with framed photographs of people. Sasha even used some of those photos for target practice. This has brought up a few questions in my mind about people and photographs.

The first question is about the framed photos in the homes. I wonder why they think the new residents would want to have framed photos of other families in their homes.  Why wouldn’t they take photographs of the new residents and put framed photos of them in the homes to make it feel like it was really their home? Who are the people in the photos anyway? Do they live in Alexandria?  Are they dead?

My second question is about the photos Aaron used when he was recruiting. Michonne made a point of noticing that there were no people in the photos. Also, the pictures didn’t seem to show the homes and the opulent nature of the community.

I wonder what Deanna’s marketing strategy is in her recruiting photo selection. It seems the opposite of what most realtors would choose to highlight.  I wonder if she thought that it would be too much of a shock to our group to see such an established community and chose to focus on the walls and the safety.  I wonder if she has other photographs available for other groups or people depending on the psychology of the people they scout.

What do you think about the photographs in Alexandria?  What about photos in general in an Apocalypse?  Most people have probably lost most of the important photos from their pre-apocalypse life. Maggie made Glenn burn the one photo he took of her. Carl risked entering a restaurant full of walkers to rescue a photo of Lori for Judith, which has been lost now. Rick knew his family was alive because the family photos were missing from his home. What significance do photos have in general? In an Apocalypse?  In Alexandria?

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