Talking Dead Guests 3/15/15: Episode 514 – ‘Spend’


This week’s episode of AMC’s Talking Dead looks to be a very interesting one indeed.  It will discuss the events of The Walking Dead episode 514 titled “Spend”.

Joining host Chris Hardwick on the couch will be three actors from The Walking Dead.  The dynamic should be a really fun one, since each of the individuals that will have been asked to be on the show have a great sense of humor and seem to get along quite well.

Here are the three folks who are scheduled to be guests on this week’s episode of Talking Dead:

Steven Yeun

  • As one of the few actors remaining from the show’s first season, Yeun is best known for his work as Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead.  Glenn endeared himself to the fans by evolving over the years and finding a long term relationship with Maggie Greene, the farmer’s daughter.

Josh McDermitt

  • The fan base is pretty divided on the character of Eugene Porter, who is played by comedian and actor Josh McDermitt.  He’s a liar and a manipulator, but he rocks a mullet and is awkward to the point that he’s almost lovable.  Almost.

Tyler James Williams

  • Williams’ character of Noah was picked up earlier this season as a survivor from Grady Memorial Hospital.  We haven’t gotten to know a lot about Noah, but he’s a tough individual who is just looking for a place to settle down and contribute to the community.

You can catch Talking Dead immediately following The Walking Dead Sunday night on AMC.  Be sure to check your local listings for time and availability.  As usual, these are the currently scheduled guests and they can change at any time.

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