The Walking Dead 514: Spend – FULL EPISODE SPOILERS


Just like last week, our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans have helped us find out what what will happen in The Walking Dead’s episode this week.  The episode is the 14th installment of the show’s 5th season and is titled “Spend”

According to the post on The Spoiling Dead’s Facebook page, a contributor of theirs named “Daryl’s Possum” outlined the entire episode.  For the entire events of the episode, check out the link above.  But here are some highlights from The Walking Dead: Spend:


It looks like Father Gabriel is going to continue having viewers not like him too much.  During this episode, he does two things that are kind of strange, but we should have expected from him.  Here is what Daryl’s Possum said will happen:

"“Father Gabriel enters what appears to be a makeshift prayer room. He stands at an altar and looks down at a Bible. A basket of strawberries has been left for him by a member of the community. There is a note saying it’s a blessing to have him there. He then starts to tear the pages out of the Bible.”"

It’s great that he was brought strawberries, but his abuse of the bible is something that is odd.  He seemed to recover his faith after throwing his collar into the fire a couple episodes back, but perhaps he’s not yet fully ready to accept or forgive his God quite yet.  Later on, Father Gabriel goes one step further and puts the entire group in danger:

"“Gabriel tells Deanna that Rick’s group has done unspeakable things and that they are all pretty much Satan’s minions. Way to pay them back for saving your cowardly ass, Gabe.”"

In addition to Gabriel’s events, we’ve got some crazy stuff going on with Carol and the young boy Sam, some more developments in the Rick-Sam-Pete love triangle, and the Major Spoilers that we posted this week that will change the show forever.  But if you want to read the entire spoilers, be sure to check out our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook who do excellent work on a constant basis.

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