Companion Show Will Have Nods To The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is one of those shows that fans can watch many times and still come away with a new observation or idea on each viewing.  While it’s great to pick apart episodes and search out new things, it sounds like we’ll have all new things to try to piece together when the companion show starts up this year.

In a recent interview by the folks at South By Southwest and transcribed into an article on USA Today, The Walking Dead’s creator Robert Kirkman talked about the long term appeal of The Walking Dead and the story that he’s trying to tell on the hit AMC television show.  Here is what he said:

"“Decades from now, you will be able look back and … you never would have guessed from the beginning where it was that we were going to end up,” Kirkman said. “Having the luxury of telling a story over such a long period of time with so many diff characters is going end up with something really cool and unique when it’s all said and done.”"

Even when the final curtain has drawn on the last season of The Walking Dead, the hit AMC show will still have a life of its own.  In fact, the creator of The Walking Dead has said that the companion series will drop hints and maybe even discuss some events that were part of the show’s earlier seasons.  Here’s what he said:

"“There will be hints and moments in the second show that if you go back and watch the first season of The Walking Dead will inform some of the discoveries that they had. It’s going to be cool. We are trying to form an overall tapestry of a TV universe.”"

It will be cool to see some of the things that are nods to The Walking Dead on the companion show.  We’ve already seen how great things can tie into the show from the excellently done webisodes that are featured on the AMC website.  However, I think fans will keep coming back to watch The Walking Dead for a very, very long time.

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