Walking Dead News Roundup: 14th March


The Walking Dead News Roundup – 14th March. Carol discusses a cookie offer on The Walking Dead. TV Screenshot from Screencapped.net.

Carol’s Cookie Recipe, Walking Dead Prequel, Shane Welcomes Daughter and more!

Walking Dead News:

Carol’s Cookie Recipe

AMC has posted Carol’s Cookie Reciepe for those of you looking to bake the delicious treats. Just remember not to tell anybody you saw it. Or you’ll find yourself ‘Outside. Tied to a tree, and you’ll be so sad. No one will hear you. But something will hear you. The monsters out there’. Hopefully, that’ll keep things clear. I know what choice I would make if I was you.
The Walking Dead: Carol’s Cookie Recipe Card from AMC

Walking Dead Prequel

– Exciting news! AMC has preemptively ordered a two season run of upcoming Walking Dead spinoff Cobalt. The first season will own six hour-long episodes like the original airing of The Walking Dead. It’s expected to debut around late-summer, with the second season airing in 2016. The show will engage other parts of the world dealing with the zombie outbreak, centering around Los Angeles.

– Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, and Sons of Anarchy producer Dave Erickson have penned the pilot episode. Kirkman and Erickson will co-executive produce alongside The Walking Dead’s Gale Ann Hurd, Dave Alpert and Greg Nicotero.

– Kim Dickens, of Deadwood and Gone Girl fame, is the star headliner of the upcoming Walking Dead prequel. She recently joked with E! that there will be ‘sexy zombies’ on the show in LA. Dickens mentioned in her interview, that she was asked not to watch the current run of The Walking Dead. As to not bias her performance in any way. “When I was getting close to getting the role I inquired what I should watch of it and they said don’t watch it because A. It’s going to be different than that and B. Your character wouldn’t know what the apocalypse looks like anyway, you know? It was interesting to think of it that way.”

Jon Bernthal Welcomes Daughter

– Shane is a father! Jon Bernthal and wife Erin Angle have welcomed their third child, Adeline into their lives. According to US Weekly, Adeline was born in mid-February. Bernthal and Angle originally married in Potomac, Maryland in 2010 and have two sons to join their baby girl.

Cast News

– Lauren Cohan revealed to People magazine that she’s ‘a huge scaredy-cat and definitely doesn’t go out of her way to watch scary films or television’. Cohan, went on to say that being frightened easily has enhanced her performances on The Walking Dead. “Maybe I’m good in those roles because I’m a scaredy-cat, so I’m pretty receptive to those elements”.

– David Morrissey, our favorite Governor, has a new gig! He will star alongside Halle Berry in the upcoming second season of CBS show Extant. Morrissey is set to play General Tobias Shepard, who has a prior history with Berry’s character Molly Woods.

Producer News

– Gale Ann Hurd, will join The Walking Dead and Homeland worlds toghether as executive producer of new show Falling Water. USA Networks has issued a pilot order for the drama, which was co-created by the late Henry Bromell and Blake Masters. Henry Bromell, won an Emmy for Homeland and co-wrote the script for Falling Water in 2013 before his sudden passing. The show is set to be produced by Gale Ann Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment Studios.

That’s it for this Walking Dead News Roundup! Check out more Walking Dead news at the news hub and previous articles/Walking Dead news roundups by me at this link. See you next time Walking Dead fans!

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