The Walking Dead: Abraham Ford’s New Purpose


For a while on The Walking Dead, Abraham didn’t seem like a character that was going anywhere.  Since he went catatonic after learning the truth about Eugene, he hasn’t been the same.  He’s been drinking heavily and hasn’t been very vocal or involved with what’s been going on around him.

That changed last week on The Walking Dead when we finally got a look at Abraham working on the construction site.

Not only did he save one of the workers named Francine from a group of walkers, but he was able to persuade the rest of the crew to get back to work on the walls to help make them even more sturdy.  Sure, he shared some awkward smiles and uttered some really strange phrases while he was fighting off the walkers, but he seemed at home protecting and working.

In fact, those actions helped Abraham get promoted to the head of the construction crew.  His leadership is a quality that we’ve already seen when it came to protecting Eugene and his focus on getting to Washington despite all the odds shows the kind of determination that he has.

Now that he has a purpose and a feeling of usefulness once again, hopefully he will return to the Abraham Ford of old.  And who knows, maybe he’ll actually really enjoy being a part of the gang at Alexandria and help keep everyone safe for a long time inside those city walls.

While we don’t know the future, we can be glad that Abraham is smiling and has a new purpose to help him through his days.  Well, for now, anyway.  As we all know, anything can happen at any time on The Walking Dead.

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