The Walking Dead: Is Carol Wrong With Her Request To Rick?


I’ve loved the transformation of Carol on The Walking Dead.  To see how far she’s come since season 1 of the show is astounding.  However, her most recent character twists have me feeling a bit different about her.

While it was great of her to step up with Rick and get some weapons for the group, she did get caught.  Jessie and Pete’s son Sam caught her and got a threat of a lifetime that will probably give the young man nightmares for the rest of his life.  But she did say that she’d make him cookies.  And this kid REALLY seems to love cookies.

In fact, Sam snuck into Carol’s house looking to take some of those baked treats in last week’s episode, but this time, it was he who got caught by Carol.  After some conversation about him destroying an owl, Sam asked her why she stole the guns.

Carol replied to him that it was about protecting herself.  After hearing that, Sam asked for a gun for protection as well.  This set off a light in Carol’s head.  As a prior victim of abuse from her husband Ed and having to protect her daughter Sophia, the thought of an abusive family came into her head.  She even visited Pete and Jessie’s home and a stubborn and obnoxious Pete didn’t allow her to see Sam or Jessie, raising her suspicions even more.

Carol ran even more with that thought, she even went to Rick at the end of last week’s episode and shared her observation with him, saying the following lines:

"“Rick, I know how this is going to go with Pete. There’s only one way it can go. You’re going to have to kill him.”"

Sadly, Rick might not need much convincing to actually do the deed.  He’s already put his hand on his gun once before when looking at Pete and seems to be quite smitten with his wife Jessie.  Carol putting a few logs on the fire to break things up between these two could be just the opening that Rick wants.

While I understand that Carol is a victim of abuse in the past and she can recognize signs that are similar to those that happened with her, I think she made a bit of a jump.  He could have been talking about bullies at school, an extremely creepy neighbor, or maybe even the boogeyman at his age.  For her to jump to abuse without real proof is one thing, but to approach Rick and talk about killing Pete is another.

Do you think Carol went too far with taking this issue to Rick at this point?  Should she have waited for more proof or was she justified in feeling that now was the proper time to address this?  Or was she just following the “new law” and reporting the incident to the new policeman of Alexandria?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens on the next episode of The Walking Dead now that Rick has this information swirling in his head.  Be sure to check it out Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 9 pm EST on AMC.  Be sure to check your local listings for time and availability.

**Updated on 3/17/15 for expanded content

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