The Walking Dead: Watch Noah get his face ripped off, try not to barf (GIF)


The Walking Dead featured one of the most brutal deaths in the show’s history last night, and you can forever challenge your friends to watch it and not barf.

The Walking Dead killed off another one of our favorite characters on Sunday night’s episode, and it continues a long line of heartbreak from this season.

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But it wasn’t just that the show took Noah away from us, it’s how they took him away from us that is still sticking with us so many days after. If you missed last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, then you surely know by now that Noah has been killed off and suffered one of the most brutal deaths in the history of the show.

That’s saying a lot too, as The Walking Dead routinely features big deaths but doesn’t always go balls out in the viciousness of the death.

Noah wasn’t just killed, he was ripped apart and his death is still hard to watch.

That’s rough by The Walking Dead standards — which are really  low standards.

Noah not only is pulled into a group of walkers, but he’s thrown up against the glass and ripped apart in front of Glenn — who can only watch helplessly. This is Robert Kirkman showing us that what we imagine isn’t always worse than what we see — as that was a brutal death and it’s going to stick with us for a very long time.

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