The Walking Dead Companion Series To Run Concurrently In Timeline


The Walking Dead companion series will not be entirely a prequel to the show. At some point it will be running concurrently to the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead companion series is moving. They are locked in for a couple of seasons now and details are getting released left and right on the series. We know the actors and a general synopsis. We will get  to see it all unfold in front of our eyes soon.

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All the comic fans are interested in seeing shows with a new set of eyes. We won’t have the little bits of knowledge over the other followers of the show.

Show runner Robert Kirkman shared some thoughts on the new show and said that it isn’t expected to be entirely a prequel to The Walking Dead series. He said that there is a point where things will catch up and the two shows will be running concurrently with each other.

“I wouldn’t call it ‘prequel,’” Kirkman said of the new series, “because the entirety of the show is not going take place before [‘The Walking Dead’]. It will eventually form a path running concurrently.”

This will open up the opportunities for the two shows to crossover. He wants to keep the two shows separate, but everyone will be speculating on the possibilities. The two stories are taking place in two entirely opposite ends of the country, so it would seem difficult for any of the characters to run into each other. But the possibility is still there and people will be looking for it to happen.

Any time that a character disappears for any amount of time from The Walking Dead, we wonder where they have been and if they will ever show up again. We are still waiting for Morgan to make his appearance. We have wondered about Morales and his family. Where are those “Vatos”. Will they re-appear on the show?

Already, Morales has also been mentioned as a character that could make it across country to the companion series. Why wouldn’t people think of other “missing” characters making an appearance on the show?

The crazy part will be seeing a new group of people learning information about walkers that other groups already know. Rick and company know that everyone is infected with the virus, but the new group won’t know that right off of the bat. They may not know that at all. Once someone dies without a walker bite, they will start to have their assumptions.

I am excited to see how this companion show plays out.  I have a good feeling about it so far. Are you all excited about it?

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