Walking Dead: Father Gabriel’s betrayal


Father Gabriel decided to go to Deanna to share his thoughts on Rick and the group. They were the best of endorsements. 

Father Gabriel has turned against the members of the group. What in the world is he thinking? Why does he trust the people of Alexandria to tell them his distrust of Rick and company?

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Father Gabriel has lost his freaking mind! If it weren’t for Rick and everybody in the group, Father Gabriel likely would be dead. He couldn’t kill walkers and he had locked himself inside of his church and let everyone else die outside of it. We first met Father Gabriel as he was sitting on a rock crying out for help from some walkers.

Father Gabriel needs to get his perspective straight on this whole thing. Rick and company are fighting to survive and they make sure to do it as a family. They do not want to leave anyone behind, unlike the people in Alexandria. We have seen that the people of Alexandria only care about themselves and are willing to leave their own people out to dry as long as they are able to survive. We saw that Noah was left in the dust.

As Father Gabriel was betraying the group, Maggie was sitting and listening in on his thoughts. What will she do with that information and what will happen when the rest of the crew hears about Gabriel’s opinions on the group? What will Deanna think about his opinions? She doesn’t respond immediately and looks like she will give it some thought before she reacts to that news. That is a lot of information to digest from someone that is coming from the group.

Who will she believe? What will happen with Father Gabriel? What will Rick do when he hears about this?

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