A ‘Knife Party’ Breaks Out On The Walking Dead


In The Walking Dead’s 14th episode of their 5th season, we got a treat when there were a couple different scenes featuring some music that was blasting out of a van.  This van was driven by Aiden on supply runs for Alexandria and was not quite the kind of stealthy vehicle that would be effective in a zombie apocalypse.

Music from the band Knife Party was used at two different times during the episode titled “Spend”.  When the van first leaves Alexandria, Aiden has the music pumping and the rest of the survivors in the back are laughing because of how absurd it is to have that going at this time.

The second occasion was near the end of the episode when Eugene pulled the van up to the revolving doors of the building where Noah, Glenn, and Nicholas were trapped in a revolving door.  He blasted the song “Internet Friends” by Knife Party to draw the undead away from the door and give the three survivors a chance to escape.

Here is the song that is played during the episode.  But I do have to warn you, there is some adult language contained in the song which may be unsuitable for some audiences.

The Walking Dead has a history of using music in beautiful ways to either set a mood or establish some kind of setting.  Their use of “Internet Friends” by Knife Party keeps that tradition alive.  Thomas Golubic helps choose the music for the hit AMC show and spoke about his decision to use this song in a recent interview with radio.com.

"“For this episode, we got an opportunity to use source music to help rescue our heroes. In Merle’s final episode in season three we worked a similar trick letting Merle’s good fortune of grabbing a car with Motorhead and Ted Nugent to crash Woodbury and give Merle his final hurrah. In the case of Aiden, who is of a younger generation, we get Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends’ and the pleasure of watching Noah roll his eyes when the mixtape starts to play.”"

Hopefully, The Walking Dead will have more opportunities to use songs by popular bands like Knife Party in the future.  But, like other music on the show, it will have to serve a purpose and fit into the current story and situation.  Knife Party’s “Internet Friends” just seemed like too natural of a fit for The Walking Dead in this episode.

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