Josh McDermitt’s Top 10 Lines That Didn’t Make The Walking Dead


Josh McDermitt does such an excellent job on The Walking Dead that sometimes it is easy to forget that he is an established comedian.  The drama that makes the hit AMC show is very hard for many actors to master, yet McDermitt has managed to find a great blend of humor and drams to help make his character one of the most interesting on the show.

Since Josh McDermitt has been a part of the program, he’s delivered some classic lines about his mullet, the classified nature of his missions, and of course, his favorite video games.  Those quotes, especially “that’s classified” have become commonplace among fans on Twitter and other social media sites.

However, there are some great quotes that just don’t make it into the final part of the program.  On the March 15, 2015 episode of Talking Dead, Josh McDermitt’s top 10 quotes that didn’t quite make it onto The Walking Dead were aired in a David Letterman type list.  In case you missed it, here they are according to an article on

"10. “Eugene is GORGEOUS.”9. “Yeah, Daryl’s arms are sexy. But have you seen Eugene’s calves? They’re things of beauty. A real American treasure.”8. “Only Eugene could pull off shorts in the apocalypse. Good for him.”7. “I thought about cutting Eugene’s mullet in his sleep, but I’m actually in love with it.”6. “Tell that walker to just chill out a minute. I’m trying to check my Twitter, but apparently the internet is still down.”5. “Eugene! Here, hold Judith!”4. “I’m just kidding. I really AM a scientist!”3. “ROFLCOPTER”2. “Eugene taught me how to use my crossbow more efficiently.”1. “Rick, you’re out! Eugene, you’re our new leader. It’s now a Eugenetatorship! I mean, uhhhh, never mind. Forget I said that.”"

Which of the quotes above are your favorites?  Personally, I really enjoyed #4.  It would be awesome if he was kidding about not being a scientists and he really did have the cure the whole time.  I would definitely laugh when I saw Abraham’s response to that.  Which I assume would start with the word “mother”.

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