Walking Dead companion series will film in Vancouver


The Walking Dead companion series will film their pilot in Los Angeles, but will take the rest of their production to Vancouver, Canada to finish the season. 

The Walking Dead companion series is going to film the pilot episode in Los Angeles, but then they will take the whole production to Canada after the pilot filming. They will be filming the rest of the episodes in Vancouver, Canada.

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“The shooting is expected to start in early April for a likely launch this summer, as a bridge between season 5 and season 6 of The Walking Dead,” writes Season Zero. “Production will move from Los Angeles for the pilot to Vancouver, Canada, for the remainder of the first season.”

The first season will be 6 episodes long and will serve as a prequel to the zombie outbreak. The filming should take place in a few weeks.

The filming will take place in Vancouver, but that doesn’t mean that the storyline will be based out of Vancouver. They could still play off the series as if they are still in Los Angeles without paying the prices of filming in the city. They could do all the filming in a studio and act as if it is still happening in Los Angeles. We will see what they plan on doing with the storyline when the show finally appears.

The show will make it’s appearance in the Summer to bridge the gap between Season 5 and Season 6 of The Walking Dead. We can’t wait to see it released and see how it will compliment with The Walking Dead.

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