Discussion: Which Show Compares Best To The Walking Dead?


Each Sunday night, millions of fans gather around their televisions to watch The Walking Dead.  The hit AMC zombie show provides viewers with something they’ve never really seen before in a survival horror type drama that is character driven and features so much gore and despair.

Which brings up a good question.  One of our followers on Twitter sent us in this question about The Walking Dead to our @UndeadWalkingFS Twitter account using the hashtag #TWDAS.  Here is what the Purple People Podcast asked:

For this, we turned to our friends at theStream.tv’s The Walking Dead After Show for their answers.  Each week following a new episode of The Walking Dead, theStream.TV hosts this show to discuss the events of the weekly installment of the show and answer some questions from fans.  Here is the video of Malynda Hale, Glenna Gasparian, David Fichtenmayer and Timothy Michael answering this question for us in an EXCLUSIVE clip for Undead Walking:

Personally, I think The Walking Dead is most like the classic TV show Quantum Leap.  That show featured a man named Sam who is thrust into different points of time where he has to try to fix what went wrong there before he can move on to the next point in time, hoping that one day his “leaps” in reality will finally get him home again to his own time.  He never knows what dangers await him in his next reality, it could be death or stopping something awful from happening to someone else, but dangers were around every corner for Sam.

I feel that Rick and the group is trying to do just that on The Walking Dead.  Each location they stop at along the way on their path of survival in the past has fallen, but not after the group tried hard to make it at least a temporary home away from home for the time being.  Eventually, the group wants to find a safe place where they can settle down and they don’t have to work so hard just have to try again to live a normal life, and I feel that’s a lot of what Quantum Leap was all about.

What show do you think The Walking Dead is most like in TV history and why?  Make sure to let us know in the comments below and explain a bit as to why you feel that way.  And, as always, be sure to tweet us your questions about The Walking Dead to @UndeadWalkingFS and include the hashtag #TWDAS for consideration of inclusion in an article just like this one.

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