The Walking Dead: What is Father Gabriel Thinking?


Father Gabriel has become one of the most hated characters that belong to the group since Lori. What could he be thinking turning on the group that saved him from walkers in the woods, walkers in the water in the food pantry, and brought him to the safety of Alexandria.  The group that taught him the ways of the new world.  The group that took him in and forgave his sins.

Let’s see if we can figure out what might be going on from Father Gabriel’s point of view.  When he first met our group he thought they were an answer to his cry for help.

When he was in the food bank he accepted that he was going to die by walker assuming a Christ-like position of sacrifice, but was saved by Rick.  After confessing his hugest sin of cowardice from the beginning of the apocalypse,  the group still let him stay with them, Michonne and Carl even trying to help him learn to defend himself. Then witnessing the slaughter in the church, he didn’t know what to make of his situation and of these people who saved him and of the world that remained. He needed to see more of it for himself.  And it was as ugly as they said. As they traversed the road to find a new sanctuary, he attempted to find his role in the group, but was shunned.  He abandoned his faith and was punished.

Now a beautiful paradise appears. The world doesn’t have to be ugly anymore. They’ve found a way to shut out the ugliness. He is conflicted. He tears out page after page of his Bible. Then a note and strawberries appear. Strawberries, symbols of goodness, love, happiness, rebirth.  These people want him. They long for spiritual guidance.  

Father Gabriel hasn’t had the experience with trusting people and having it backfire the way our group has. He trusts Alexandria on sight. This place looks like paradise, it must be so.  Our group has done brutal, evil things; they must be brutal, evil people.  He may think that the group was God’s way of getting him to Alexandria to help them at the end of the world.

I’m not defending the Padre, just trying to see things from his point of view. I hope he doesn’t ruin things for himself and for everyone and regret his decisions.  You can tell he’s a little nutty now just from the delivery of his warning to Deanna.  Get your anger at Father Gabriel out in the comments!

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